2017 is going to be THE year. I BELIEVE it.

I don’t nor have I ever made a New Year resolution. However, huge shout out to my momma for encouraging Sean and myself to choose ONE word we will spend our year focusing on. This year we took it a step further we decided to both choose our own word and then choose a word for us.

My word for 2017 is BELIEVE. Originally, I chose the word hope. Hope to become a momma. Hope for a healthy year. Hope to a better wife. Then one night, after a colarge.jpgnversation with my sweet friend Sarah (shout out), we decided the word should be changed to BELIEVE. Believe that I will be a momma. Believe that I will have a healthy year. Believe I will be a better wife.

So instead of hoping that this is my year, I am going to believe this year is going to be an amazing year. I am excited what 2017 might bring to Sean and myself. We have started the foster to adopt process and I couldn’t be more thrilled. We have training scheduled in a couple of weeks, and once that is completed we are well on our way to bringing a beautiful child or maybe children into our loving home.

Sean chose the word BRAVERY this year. He is such a strong man, husband, and now
imgres.jpg a future (foster) father. However, I LOVE that my husband was so willing to be open with me about his reasoning behind the word. I truly couldn’t be more grateful to have the bravest, strongest, and most loving husband a woman could ask for. He chose this word for himself, but he chose this word for me and us. He wants to be brave because we both believe this year is going to bring us a child(children)/a family.

Finally, our word together…..STRENGTH. We vow to spend this year as a married couple, best friends, and each others support system to have the power to hold strong as if we were an army of ten thousand.


They say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. So here is to a FIERCE 2017! 



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