Sean and I met while we were both living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We had known each 528551_531699563507293_978328149_n.jpgother for a while prior to us dating but just never really had the chance to spend time together.  Finally, in September we ended up on the same Dirty Dash team. The rest is history.  We started dating, and we knew immediately we had both found our “one and only”.  3 months later, Sean asked me to marry him on NYE at midnight! We began planning our dream wedding and packed up our lives and moved to Rochester, NY.  We wanted to be closer to one of our families so when we started our own family we’d be close to them.  We couldn’t wait to start a family, so we bought our very first home and decided to begin trying for baby View #1.

This is when things became a little sticky for us. March of 2014, Sean had a Grand Mal Seizure. The fall during the seizure caused a horrible head injury that required us to stay in the hospital for several days.  After, an additional seizure, many test, needles, and sleepless nights at the hospital we went home with no answers. We were so frustrated, we felt so scared all the time it would happen again. So it did. This of course led to more sleepless nights, needles, high levels of stress and very expensive tests. Still no answers came, finally he was released from the hospital, and with a diagnosis of Epilepsy and a medication to help control any future seizures he may have.


Because making hard decisions seem to be our thing, we made the decision to move to Texas. This of course only came after a million conversations and prayers to god. A job offer was accepted and to Texas we went.

13903211_10157253241355224_4794606817543672488_n.jpg2 years have come and gone and still no positive pregnancy test. So this is where Dr. K enters the story. Tests were done on both Sean and myself to figure out why we have not got pregnant yet.  Meanwhile, everyone around myself is getting pregnant and announcing their exciting news. It was devastating for us both! After weeks of testing the sad news was given to us that we would not ever become pregnant naturally.


This next chapter of our life, I like to call IVF Hell was full of needles, blood work, and painful and unpleasant procedures. After, what felt like forever, we did it! We were pregnant.

Now we are to the point where something awful happened. My faith was tested. On September 6th, I was in a severe car wreck traveling to work from Dr. K’s office.
The wreck was so bad the police officers told me they couldn’t believe I survived. My foot had been 14265018_10157442921090224_778921296724793177_n.jpgbroken horribly. Almost all of the bones in my foot were broken. Then the next tragedy struck me down even harder. On September 16th Dr. K informed Sean and I our babies had lost their heartbeats.  We were devastated. My entire world was crushed.  I remember driving home that day after the appointment screaming and crying and feeling so full of pain. I have never felt sadness like I did in that moment.

On October 6th, 14681690_10157645798930224_2429303748205066000_n.jpgI went in for surgery (because of my wreck) to have my foot put back together. October 19th, a D&C was completed.  Sean and I felt like there was no hope for us. We would never be able to start a family.

Finally, after another million hard conversations and prayers to god…..We came to the conclusion we should foster to adopt.  So now here we are….we started the entire process back in November and are hoping to have everything completed and a baby/ies placed in our care and our loving home by Summer.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2017!




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